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The Long Run: What Runners Can Learn From Running

Ultrarunning champion Scott Jurek shares the lessons he's learned through the years.

How You Can Benefit From A Bad Race

Today’s slow race can lead to next month’s fast one.

The Everyman: Reasons To Run

What gets you out the door and moving? Jason Devaney provides five reasons to head outside and run.

Competitor Staff Tackling 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Follow along as our editorial team aims to develop good habits and a consistent workout routine in 2014.

6 Tips For Becoming A Mind-Body Runner

The most successful runners listen to their bodies. Do you?

Study: Interval Runs Are Fun — And They Work

Are you not enjoying your running as much as you could be? Perhaps you’re not suffering enough.

Run Happy, Run Better

Controlling your emotions is vital to success in races and in training.

10 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Fall Training

Follow these tips if your running is stuck in a rut.

Tips To Combat Post-Marathon Depression

Many runners suffer from the blues after their big race.

Volume Control: Are You A Motivated Runner?

You will ultimately find the kind and amount of training you wish to undertake, or it will find you.

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