Editor’s Picks: Week of May 28 – June 1

By Women's Running and Competitor Editors | May 30, 2018

We’re never quite sure of how to feel about a four-day week after a holiday. On the one hand, the week goes by faster, on the other, it

Editor’s Picks: Week of May 21-25

By Competitor Editors | May 24, 2018

We have a confession. We eat a LOT of food in our office. (Seriously, it might be a problem.) Whether it’s starting the day with

Friday Workout: Hip Strength Circuit

By Jay Dicharry | May 4, 2018

The following Hip Circuit workout is one of six precision exercises in Jay Dicharry’s new book, Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for

How to Eat For a Marathon

By Holly J. Coley | April 13, 2018

When prepping for a marathon, most of us think of one word: Training. But there’s another word that’s just as important: Diet.

How to Avoid Overstride & Quad Dependency

By Jay Dicharry | April 3, 2018

In Running Rewired, physical therapist and coach Jay Dicharry, shares a program for runners to become stronger, faster and more

The Importance of Protein for Masters Athletes

By Monique Ryan, MS, RD, LDN, CSSD | March 28, 2018

This article is from Monique Ryan, MS, RD, LDN, CSSD, author of Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes. Recovery is an essential

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