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Pack’s Full: Things To Carry On The Trail

Trail runners weigh in on what to carry in your hydration pack.

In Running, The Little Things Matter

We all have time to stretch, buy a new pair of running shoes, or have that nagging injury looked at.

What To Eat And Not Eat Before A Marathon

Runners need to approach nutrition as one more element of their training.

Max King’s 5 Tips For The Trails

Remember that when you're out on the trails, it's important to pace yourself.

Whole Fuel: Energy For Endurance Athletes

We sample, test and rate different options for fueling during workouts.

Warming Signs: Hydration Adjustments For A Warm Boston Marathon

With race day temps forecasted to be in the 80's, staying on top of your fluid intake is of the utmost importance.

Video–Inside Endurance, Episode 12

Ryan Sutter reflects on his Inside Endurance journey and key takeaways for next season.

The Runner’s Holiday Tip Of The Day

Get through the holiday season with daily advice from the editors of Competitor.

Video: Inside Endurance, Episode 11

Ryan Sutter's preparation is tested as he pushes for a PR at the New York City Marathon.

Video: Ryan Sutter On Inside Endurance

Follow Ryan Sutter as he seeks to reach his potential as an endurance athlete by paying closer attention to nutrition and science in his

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