Oregon Project

Ritz Reborn: Interview With Dathan Ritzenhein

We caught up with the newly-minted 2:07:47 marathoner.

Mo Farah Training With Underwater Treadmill

Now that he is with the Oregon Project, he has access to cutting-edge technology.

Thanks To Farah, Brits Taking A Keen Interest In Salazar

The Somali-born British runner continues to improve under the guidance of his new coach.

Why I’m Not Surprised Alan Webb Split From Alberto Salazar

Competitor's Mario Fraioli analyzes Alan Webb's coaching commitment issues over the course of his competitive career.

Alan Webb Leaves Salazar, Oregon Project

The American mile record holder is looking for a new coach.

Salazar’s Group Separates From The OTC

The runners are once again wearing the all-black Oregon Project jerseys.

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