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Get In The Zone: The Pros Of Heart-Rate Training For Runners

Learn how to utilize fat as fuel, improve efficiency and better gauge intensity by training in the right zones.

Sleep In — It Will Make You Faster

Routine and a good sleep environment can help you get to sleep, combat insomnia, and deal with pre-race anxiety.

How To Break Out Of Your Running Rut

Use these three tips to get yourself back on track.

How Much Running Is Too Much?

Overtraining can bring running performance to a halt.

Overtraining: Why It Happens, How To Spot It & How To Dig Yourself Out

More than half of all runners will overdo it at least once in their running career.

Are You Addicted To Training?

There's a fine line between productive commitment and self-destructive adherence.

Running Faster Is Not Always Better

Obey the speed limit for better performance.

Time Off After A Marathon Or Keep On Running?

How soon you start running again after a marathon depends on how well you recover.

7 Warning Signs That You Are Overtraining

If any of these sound familiar, don’t worry; you can fix them.

Is It Possible To Race Yourself Into Shape?

While not without its potential pitfalls, it is possible — and it can be beneficial.

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