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Coach Culpepper: Learn From The Olympians

Did you take notes during the Olympics? Here are a few things you might have learned.

Video: How Important Are Pace Guidelines?

Team-USA Arizona coach Greg McMillan explains how having pace guidelines can help you accomplish your race-day goals.

Marathon Training: Consider A Dress Rehearsal

It may give you a much-needed shot of confidence.

The Running Doc’s Warm-Weather Racing Tips

It's going to be getting hot outside soon. Use these suggestions to stay cool this summer.

Local Woman Wins Hospital Hill Half Marathon

She ran unopposed the whole way.

GPS Watches: Are They Worth the Blow to Your Wallet?

If you want accurate information, spend the money.

Inventors Unveil “Cruise Control” System For Runners

The novel device is currently the size of a backpack.

Ask The Experts: Is My Heart Rate Too High?

The short answer is: probably not!

Ask The Experts: Why Did I Hit The Wall?

Q. Dear Matt and Mario, During the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon I was going strong for the first seven miles at the pace

Lance Armstrong Interested In Running New York City Marathon

Lance wants to help pace Joan Benoit Samuelson, as she did for him in 2006. According to a New York Times report, Lance Armstrong has

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