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The Art — And Science — of Marathon Pacing

Why we hit the wall in marathons, and how not to.

Study: Feedback During Workouts Can Be Deceptive

Study shows how we can manipulate our minds to enable better performance.

10K Pacing Is An Art; What’s Your Strategy?

Go hard or keep it steady? Your optimal 10K pacing strategy may depend on your overall speed.

The First 10 Steps To Becoming A Runner

Patience, the willingness to experiment, finding toughness, and heading outside are called for.

Coach Culpepper: Learn From The Olympians

Did you take notes during the Olympics? Here are a few things you might have learned.

Video: How Important Are Pace Guidelines?

Team-USA Arizona coach Greg McMillan explains how having pace guidelines can help you accomplish your race-day goals.

Marathon Training: Consider A Dress Rehearsal

It may give you a much-needed shot of confidence.

The Running Doc’s Warm-Weather Racing Tips

It's going to be getting hot outside soon. Use these suggestions to stay cool this summer.

Local Woman Wins Hospital Hill Half Marathon

She ran unopposed the whole way.

GPS Watches: Are They Worth the Blow to Your Wallet?

If you want accurate information, spend the money.

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