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Mo Farah Unsure Of Olympic Dates

He thought they were at the end of August.

Paula Radcliffe Gearing Up For London Gold

She's taking unprecedented risks with her training.

Paula Radcliffe Set For Fifth Olympics

She's trying to right some wrongs from past games.

IAAF To Let Paula Radcliffe Keep Her World Record

Her amazing 2:15:25 mark will stand.

Paula Radcliffe Critical Of Lifetime Bans

The marathon world-record holder thinks the punishment is too severe.

Viktor Röthlin’s Incredible Comeback

Doctors say the Swiss marathoner's fitness saved his life.

Patrick Makau Smashes Marathon World Record

Speedburners Set to Blaze In Berlin

Paula Radcliffe Talks Of Tough Year Before Berlin

The marathon world-record holder has struggled with injury.

Hendrick Ramaala To Race Berlin This Weekend

The former New York City Marathon champion hasn't raced in nearly a year.

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