Penguin Chronicles

Penguin Chronicles: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

John Bingham looks forward to what lies ahead as his career as a columnist comes to a close.

The Penguin Waddles On

John "The Penguin" Bingham, the voice of a generation of runners, nears the finish line.

The Penguin Chronicles: Trick or Treat

John Bingham has some advice for running fall marathons in a variety of weather conditions: be prepared!

Penguin Chronicles: The 60/40 Rule

When you just can’t go as fast as you used to.

Penguin Chronicles: The Heart Of Rock ’n’ Roll

John Bingham writes about the first Rock ’n’ Roll Series race nearly 16 years ago.

Penguin Chronicles: My Body and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I’m not going to put my body under a tarp in the garage and let it rust away. I’m doing my best to maintain it.

The Penguin Chronicles: A New Definition For Resolutions

John Bingham takes a trip back in time and recalls the moment when he turned to running — and turned his life around

The Penguin Chronicles: Junkyard Dogs

Taking control of your life and making changes to improve yourself is the way to go.

The Penguin Chronicles: Commitment Leads To Fulfillment

"I’ve always been filled with hope even when training doesn’t always go my way."

The Penguin Chronicles: Learning The Hard Way

The body is such a fantastic piece of equipment that it will actually allow a person to be a complete idiot for a while.

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