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Secondhand Doping: Does It Exist?

The training partners of runners on performance-enhancing drugs probably also benefit.

Doug Logan: Let’s Overlook PEDs, Dopers

Former USATF CEO wants to give up the fight against doping.

Two Kenyan Marathoners Suspended For PED Use

Five Kenyans have been banned for doping since February.

Olympics Wrap: A Few Final Thoughts

Now that the Games are over, Competitor's editor-in-chief, Brian Metzler, weighs in on the distance events.

Can Green Tea Help Olympic Dopers?

A recent study suggests the answer may be “yes”. Green tea is purported to have many positive health benefits. But can this

Zivile Balciunaite Loses Doping Appeal

She will miss out on the Olympics.

Can A Cup (Or Two) Of Coffee Improve Performance?

A British study says high doses of caffeine can improve performance by as much as six percent.

Russia’s Aryasova Stripped Of Tokyo Marathon Title

She tested positive for a banned drug.

Why Positive Drug Tests Are A Good Thing

Finding and punishing a user is a success for that sport, not a setback. Written by: Aaron Hersh News that National League MVP first

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