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The Perfect Warmup For Running Workouts

Be sure to do both general and specific warm-up activities before races and faster workouts.

What’s More Effective: Heavy Weights, Plyos Or Circuits?

One study tries to answer the question that runners always ask.

Power Boost: Plyometrics For Runners

Adding plyometrics to your training regimen will build muscle, which equates to more speed and power.

Follow Bruce Lee And Add Some Punch To Your Running

Bruce Lee's one-inch punch: Implications on running mechanics.

Workout Of The Week: Anaerobic Training

Adding anaerobic training to your regimen will increase speed and power while keeping you healthy.

Allyson Felix’ Power Exercises

Running fast requires explosiveness and power.

Sports Science Update: More Support For Plyos

A new Canadian study shows that a little jumping goes a long way for runners. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald Running is basically a form of

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