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Strength Training For Runners: What Works Best?

A new Finnish study says heavy weightlifting is best, but is it?

Training: The Old Way vs. The New Way

Get better, faster results by trying something new in your training.

The Benefits Of Plyometrics For Runners

Produce greater power by training the muscles to contract more quickly and forcefully from an actively pre-stretched position.

Get Stronger In Under 20 Minutes A Day

Try this workout a few times a week to build strength in the offseason.

Cross-Training 101: Plyometrics For Runners

These explosive moves will help your fast-twitch muscle fibers start firing.

The Perfect Warmup For Running Workouts

Be sure to do both general and specific warm-up activities before races and faster workouts.

What’s More Effective: Heavy Weights, Plyos Or Circuits?

One study tries to answer the question that runners always ask.

Power Boost: Plyometrics For Runners

Adding plyometrics to your training regimen will build muscle, which equates to more speed and power.

Allyson Felix’ Power Exercises

Running fast requires explosiveness and power.

Sports Science Update: More Support For Plyos

A new Canadian study shows that a little jumping goes a long way for runners. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald Running is basically a form of

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