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The Benefits Of Plyometrics For Runners

Produce greater power by training the muscles to contract more quickly and forcefully from an actively pre-stretched position.

Get Stronger In Under 20 Minutes A Day

Try this workout a few times a week to build strength in the offseason.

Cross-Training 101: Plyometrics For Runners

These explosive moves will help your fast-twitch muscle fibers start firing.

The Perfect Warmup For Running Workouts

Be sure to do both general and specific warm-up activities before races and faster workouts.

What’s More Effective: Heavy Weights, Plyos Or Circuits?

One study tries to answer the question that runners always ask.

Power Boost: Plyometrics For Runners

Adding plyometrics to your training regimen will build muscle, which equates to more speed and power.

Workout Of The Week: Anaerobic Training

Adding anaerobic training to your regimen will increase speed and power while keeping you healthy.

Allyson Felix’ Power Exercises

Running fast requires explosiveness and power.

Sports Science Update: More Support For Plyos

A new Canadian study shows that a little jumping goes a long way for runners. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald Running is basically a form of

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