Pre’s Rock—40 Years Later

Adam Elder takes a deeper look at Pre's Rock and what it symbolizes.

The Fascinating Story Behind This Prefontaine Photo

The fascinating story only adds to Pre's legend.

New Movie About Steve Prefontaine Nearing Completion

The film's crew is largely made up of Coos Bay, Ore., natives.

Jeff Johnson: What Makes Pre So Special

Running pioneer Jeff Johnson fondly remembers the track and field icon.

14 Great Steve Prefontaine Quotes

The legendary runner had a way with words.

A Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse Inside Nike’s World Headquarters

If you look closely (and have access) there is plenty for a running geek or footwear fanatic to see at Nike's World Headquarters.

Prefontaine’s Sister Publishes New Log Book

Readers are now afforded new insights into the great runner's thoughts.

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