pregnant runners

Surprise Gift Of Life For Injured Boston Runners

They got the happy news 16 days after the tragedy.

Woman Completes Chicago Marathon And Delivers Baby

The incident is generating some controversy regarding pregnancy and running.

Paula Radcliffe Talks Of Tough Year Before Berlin

The marathon world-record holder has struggled with injury.

Olympics Come First For Jo Pavey

She is putting off having a second child in order to focus on the Olympic marathon.

Deena Kastor Returns To Racing After Pregnancy

She's in New York City this weekend to kickstart her career again.

Despite Setbacks Radcliffe Says Don’t Count Her Out

She thinks she's stronger than ever thanks to her pregnancy.

Paula Radcliffe Racing London 10K Next Month

She will be running on parts of the Olympic Marathon course.

Woman Running Marathon While 7 Months Pregnant

It will be her second marathon run while pregnant.

Another British Marathoner Back From Pregnancy

She hopes to use the London Marathon as a springboard.

Paula Radcliffe Announces Comeback Race

She still owns the world record for 10K on the roads.

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