Race Day

Coach Culpepper: Evaluating a Race

Culpepper explains how evaluating a race, good or bad, helps us in training and future performances.

Katherine Hopper: Moving Beyond Race-Day Blunders

-I stopped to call for a ride home around mile 19 of my first marathon. -I ended up in the finish-line medical tent twice. -I left my bib

Death to the Safety Pin? Alternatives for Runners are Plentiful

There are a growing number of options for pinning your race bib to your shirt.

10 Things That Could Go Wrong On Race Day

Race day doesn't always go according to plan and here are 10 mishaps to avoid (if possible).

Video: How Do I Avoid the Porta Potty During My Race?

What can you do to keep the bathroom out of your race?

What Is the Purpose of Race Nutrition?

Don't lose track of why you're fueling during a race.

Comfort in Discomfort: Why Mental Practice Matters

Here's why mental preparation should be part of your training routine.

Speed Lab: Sports Drinks’ Flavors Might Influence Performance

Can the flavor of your sports drink have an affect on our athletic performance? Tim Mickleborough explores the topic.

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