Racing Weight

Emelie Forsberg: A World-Class Athlete With a Balanced Approach About Food, Weight and Body Image

Emelie Forsberg can be as intense and competitive as any athlete in the world. A native of Sweden who lives in Chamonix, France,

Should Runners Supplement For Weight Loss?

Weight loss may never be as easy as taking a pill, but a few supplements can help you shed fat a bit more easily.

The Benefits Of Eating A Big Breakfast

Matt Fitzgerald discusses the importance of breakfast in an endurance athlete's diet.

Racing Weight: The Myth Of Frequent Eating

Eating frequently won't boost your metabolism, but it can reduce your appetite.

Racing Weight: Are You Really ‘Lean Enough?’

Everyone knows it's important to be lean if you want to run fast. But how important is it?

How To Rid Yourself Of The See Food Diet

The first step in controlling your eating is acknowledging that you can't.

Racing Weight: Why Counting Calories Makes Sense

Nutrition expert Matt Fitzgerald discusses the pros, cons, whys and hows of counting calories for endurance athletes.

Racing Weight Recipes: Winner’s Circle Yogurt

There's no excuse for skipping breakfast.

Racing Weight: How Much Should You Weigh?

Here’s a rough 'n' ready method to estimate your ideal racing weight.

Racing Weight Recipes: Lean Turkey Burgers

4 Servings / 20 Minutes Recipe profile: High protein Lean meats often make for a dry, tasteless burger, but fattier meat doesn’t give you

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