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Racing Weight Recipes: Eggs 3 Ways

Try any or all of these delicious methods of cooking this breakfast staple.

Racing Weight Recipes: Wasabi Meatballs

Try this tasty take on meatballs at your next family gathering.

5 Tips For Limiting Holiday Weight Gain

Use these tips to balance holiday enjoyment with your needs as an athlete.

Racing Weight Recipes: 5-Minute Burrito

Try this healthy version of a burrito for a quick meal.

Racing Weight: The Compensation Effect

Racing Weight author Matt Fitzgerald tells us how to compensate for the effect of training on our appetite. MORE: Why Counting Calories

Racing Weight: Beverage Consumption And Weight Management

cutting wasteful beverage calories from your diet is one of the easiest and most effective ways to manage your overall caloric intake

Racing Weight: The 8 Percent Rule

Racing Weight author Matt Fitzgerald says it's okay to gain a little weight--a little--in the off-season.

Racing Weight: Training To Be Lean

The point of getting leaner is to enhance race performance; getting lean is not an end in itself,

Racing Weight: Beware The Weekend Binge

Don't reverse a week’s worth of progress over the weekend.

Racing Weight: Keep It Simple

Research shows simplicity is a virtue in the matter of weight management.

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