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Start 2011 With Quick Weight Loss

New book shows endurance athletes how to make a fast leap toward their ideal racing weight.

Ask The Experts: How Should I Measure My Body Fat Percentage?

Racing Weight author Matt Fitzgerald explains the most effective and accurate ways for athletes to measure body fat percentage.

Sports Science Update: The Supersize Me Study

A month of pigging out could result in a lifetime of weight gain. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald If you haven’t seen it, you’ve at least

Racing Weight: Eat A Big Breakfast

Racing Weight author Matt Fitzgerald explains how not just eating breakfast, but eating a big breakfast, can help you get leaner and race

Racing Weight Podcast writer and Racing Weight author Matt Fitzgerald was interviewed Tuesday for the Fitness Buffs internet radio show, hosted by

New Book “Racing Weight” Gets Runners Healthy’s own Matt Fitzgerald authors the groundbreaking book. In a recent New York Times interview Matt Fitzgerald, author of

Matt Fitzgerald Talks About His New Book—Racing Weight’s Matt Fitzgerald sat down for an hour with to answer questions and discuss his new book Racing Weight.

Racing Weight—A Diet Book For Endurance Athletes contributor Dave Trendler interviewed author Matt Fitzgerald about his new book Racing Weight. Fitzgerald’s new book

Racing Weight: How To Get Lean For Peak Performance

There are lots of good books on endurance sports nutrition. There’s Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, by Monique Ryan; Nutrition

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