Fueling Optimally: When Is As Important As What

Humans are "energy-first" systems.

How To Embrace A Gluten-Free, Paleo Lifestyle

Learn from Elana Amsterdam the benefits of going grain-free.

Kitchen MacGyver: 3 Flavorful Non-Traditional Power Pestos

Use this heart-healthy spread to fuel your training.

Kitchen MacGyver: Why Baked Potatoes Are Good Fuel For Athletes

Here are some creative—and healthy—ways to modernize potato preparation.

Kitchen MacGyver: Asian Pork And Beans

This well-rounded recovery meal is great after a long run or tough workout!

Taste The Rainbow: Are You Eating These Colorful Fruits And Veggies?

In general, the more variety of colors on your plate, the better.

Nutrition And Fitness Mythbusting With Nathan Jendrick

He believes that each individual is in control of his or her fitness and well being.

Demystifying Frozen Yogurt: Splurge or Frequent Treat?

One thing's for certain: it's rejoined the pace of health-coscious treats.

Video: Making Conscious Nutrition Decisions

ZAP Fitness' Alissa McKaig discusses the importance of making smart choices when training.

Purple Potatoes Linked to Lower Blood Pressure And No Weight Gain

They have the same beneficial effects on blood pressure as pomegranates.

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