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Kitchen MacGyver: Recovery Pops

A little preparation and you've got yourself the perfect post-run treat.

Can Fish Oil Reduce Inflammation?

The simple answer is yes. But there are some caveats that every consumer should keep in mind.

Kitchen MacGyver: Omega-3 Mango-rific Smoothie

This refreshing, delicious tropical fruit smoothie makes the perfect portable post-run breakfast. Boosted with omega-3s, fiber, tons of

Kitchen MacGyver: Umami Mushroom Burgers

Mushrooms provide essential nutrients for endurance athletes!

The Great Fish Oil Experiment

Does fish oil really help recovery and concentration? Our athlete finds out.

Kitchen MacGyver Reviews: Perfect Foods Bars

After eating my way through a glut of coconut-flavored nutrition bars for the August issue of Competitor, it was a nice surprise to receive

Burning Runner Extra: Giving Glucosamine A Shot

T.J. gives Joint Juice a shot in an effort to help reduce inflammation.

Kitchen MacGyver: Post Long Run Salad

The right combination of ingredients can make a salad an ideal way to refuel after a few hours on your feet.

Post-Race Recovery Meal: Beer?

Are a few suds the best way to recover from a race or long run?

Kitchen MacGyver: Pesto Pizza

“Good pizza is always fun.” —Sally Meyerhoff, in a 2007 interview with Female winner of this year’s P.F.

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