Expert Tips on Becoming a Forever Runner

By Bethany Mavis | June 18, 2018

Article originally appeared on Women’s Running. Get enough sleep.“The average woman sleeps six hours and 45 minutes per night but

What You Need to Know About Osteitis Pubis

By Amanda Loudin | June 4, 2018

Many elites consider fourth place to be the worst. It’s just out of medal count, glory and often times, a paycheck. But for 29-year-old

Breaking Down Maximum Velocity

By Pete Magill | May 30, 2018

This excerpt is from SpeedRunner: 4 Weeks to Your Fastest Leg Speed in Any Sport by running coach Pete Magill. In SpeedRunner, Magill

Editor’s Picks: Week of May 14-18

By Competitor Editors | May 15, 2018

Things are finally heating up around the country and thankfully, that means plenty more reasons to get outdoors. Although we haven’t

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