6 Tips For Setting Goals This Season

How to set goals for the running season and accomplish them

Tackling Inflammation The Natural Way

Ditch medicines and use whole food to keep soreness and inflammation at bay.

Become A Better Runner Without Running

Give this high-intensity cross-training workout a try!

Analyzing Your Race Performance Is Key

The most important training you do may happen after the race.

Are Sports Drinks Making You Fat?

These 3 simple rules will make sports drinks a friend, not a foe, to your body weight goals.

The Benefits Of Diversified Training

Any form of repetition can cause someone to burn out. Running is no exception.

Friday Faceplant: False Race Starts

False starts alone are embarrassing enough. But to start falsely and then fall face first … well that’s just traumatizing.

Monday Motivation: The Nipple Chafe

In celebration of the past weekend’s New York City Marathon, this Monday’s motivation reveals the bloody price paid for a

Friday Faceplant: NFL Prospect Finishes 40-Meter Dash On His Face

Shamarko Thomas, safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is fast. So fast that he fell hard on his face running the 40-meter dash at the NFL

Friday Fail: The Pantless Jogger

Instead of your usual Friday Faceplant, this week we bring you the Friday Fail. Steve Guttenberg, Police Academy actor and Dancing With The


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