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Is College-Licensed Running Apparel Coming Soon?

Runners find it hard to represent their alma mater. But that might change soon.

New Runner: Buying Running Apparel & Accessories

Another fun step in the life of new runners is buying new gear. Time to go shopping!

New Gear Blurs Lines Between Trails & Roads

Hybrid trail shoes, lifestyle-inspired apparel and multifunctional gear are becoming more popular.

10 Essential Items For Trail Running

Make sure you have these items before you head out on the trails.

Inside The Endurance Conspiracy

Tony DeBoom merged his athletic passion with his artistic talents.

9 Cool Casual T-Shirts For Runners

Check out these chill T-shirts to match your 24/7 running lifestyle.

Ask Mario: What Should I Wear When It’s Hot Outside?

Stay safe this summer when the mercury rises.

Video: Performance Socks From Injinji

In this video, learn about some of the latest innovations coming to performance toe socks from Injinji.

Photos: U.S. Olympic Track & Field Uniforms

Nike recently released the official uniforms for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Track & Field team.

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