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Study: Better Runners Are … Inflexible?

Scientists have identified a gene that makes it hard to touch one’s toes and easy to run fast.

General Strength Training For Distance Runners

Address all three planes of movement to decrease your risk of both running-related and general injuries.

Piecing Together The Performance Puzzle

There are many ingredients in the recipe of running fitness.

Study: Changing Running Stride Does More Harm Than Good

A study suggests that making tweaks to your bounce rate and cadence does more harm than good.

Study: Older Runners Still Got It

A study finds that runners maintain their running economy despite losing speed as they age.

3 Simple Ways To Add Speed And Endurance

Learn the benefits of developing VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold and Running Economy.

Incredible Running Technique Breakthroughs

What’s behind all of these radical stride overhaul success stories?

Sports Science Update: Static Stretching Before Running

New study suggests what’s true for non-runners isn’t true for runners.

Sports Science Update: Barefoot Running Is More Efficient

What does this mean for you?

Sports Science Update: More Support For Plyos

A new Canadian study shows that a little jumping goes a long way for runners. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald Running is basically a form of

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