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Build Toughness With The Envelope Run

Try this workout to mix things up and help your race day performance.

Three Top Tips For Better Barefoot Running

Don't try to do too much, too soon when switching over to minimalist or barefoot running.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Glutes

Ensure that your running stride originates from the body’s main engine.

Video: Three Tips For Better Running Form

You might love running, or (ahem), at times you might hate it, but either way chances are you want to run faster and with better form.

Q&A: An In-Depth Look At Better Running Form

Research by Stephen McGregor, PhD, is showing that the worst way to improve your running stride is to consciously try. Until a few years

An Introduction To The Pose Method Of Running

Learning how to fall is the most essential step in adopting the Pose Technique and making better use of gravity.

Should You Run In A Zero-Drop Shoe?

Running gait analyst and running injury expert Jay Dicharry shares his top tips.

Are You Committing These Form Flaws?

Cut your injury rate in half by correcting some common form flaws.

Out There: What’s Your Mental Mantra?

Susan Lacke reveals some of the advice she’s been given by runners and her coach. Any of these sound familiar?

Footstrike 101: How Should Your Foot Hit The Ground?

Various studies support the pros and cons of each style -- so which is correct?

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