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Preparing Your Body For Trail Running

Find out how to prepare your body for running on off-road and prevent potential injuries.

Adding Relative Strength Is A Must For Distance Runners

Be sure to include some amount of strength training in your weekly workout routine.

How To Treat And Beat Plantar Fasciitis

Kelly O'Mara, like many runners, is all too familiar with the pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Heavy Lifting For Better Running

Instead of low weight and more reps, do the opposite — safely.

The Best Ways to Treat Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring strains can be some of the most chronic running injuries. Here are some treatment and prevention tips.

The Positives Of Progressing Your Training

When you only consider the end result, sometimes you can be too intimidated to start.

How To Beat Achilles Tendinitis

This nagging injury can be long-lasting if not treated — and if your running form needs some work.

Expert Advice: Run Smarter To Avoid Injury

Learn how you can run fewer miles without sacrificing speed.

Should You Run In A Zero-Drop Shoe?

Running gait analyst and running injury expert Jay Dicharry shares his top tips.

Footstrike 101: How Should Your Foot Hit The Ground?

Various studies support the pros and cons of each style -- so which is correct?

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