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Become A Better Runner Without Running

Give this high-intensity cross-training workout a try!

Analyzing Your Race Performance Is Key

The most important training you do may happen after the race.

Are Sports Drinks Making You Fat?

These 3 simple rules will make sports drinks a friend, not a foe, to your body weight goals.

The Benefits Of Diversified Training

Any form of repetition can cause someone to burn out. Running is no exception.

Friday Faceplant: False Race Starts

False starts alone are embarrassing enough. But to start falsely and then fall face first … well that’s just traumatizing.

Monday Motivation: The Nipple Chafe

In celebration of the past weekend’s New York City Marathon, this Monday’s motivation reveals the bloody price paid for a

Friday Faceplant: NFL Prospect Finishes 40-Meter Dash On His Face

Shamarko Thomas, safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is fast. So fast that he fell hard on his face running the 40-meter dash at the NFL

Friday Fail: The Pantless Jogger

Instead of your usual Friday Faceplant, this week we bring you the Friday Fail. Steve Guttenberg, Police Academy actor and Dancing With The

A New Take On Running: Groundless Races

Meet Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce. They host a satirical news and entertainment show called Jono and Ben at Ten that airs in New Zealand. More

Gallery: Boston Prepares for the 117th Running of the Marathon

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