Sabrina Grotewold

Kitchen MacGyver: 5 Reasons You Should Eat Bok Choy

Give this super food a shot!

Kitchen MacGyver: Vanilla Peach Power Smoothie

This smoothie combines unlikely ingredients for a tasty and powerful start to the day.

Kitchen MacGyver: Guacamole

Warning: This isn't a low-fat, lower-calorie substitute for real guacamole.

Kitchen MacGyver: Turkey and White Bean Chili

I know it's nowhere near football season, but I'm a fan of bucking tradition whenever I can and I say that chili can be devoured during the

Kitchen MacGyver: Grilled Portabellas With Oven-Crisp Fries

Try this recipe for some grilled goodness!

Kitchen MacGyver: Quinoa Cakes

Try this snack after your next tough workout!

Kitchen MacGyver: Hangover Cleanse

Here are some tips to help soothe a protesting stomach (and mind)!

Kitchen MacGyver: My Healthy Breakfast Standby

My old faithful breakfast is simple, quick, nutritious, satisfying and incredibly adaptable.

Kitchen MacGyver: Hummus, The Natural Performance Enhancer

Get all the performance-enhancement you need from tahini and chickpeas!

Photo Gallery: Competitor Editors Give CrossFit A Try

Check out these photos of Competitor's editorial team giving CrossFit Endurance a try!

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