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Video: Yoga For Runners — Low Lunge, Part 2

Sage Rountree describes the second of three low lunge exercises that will help to open up your hips.

Video: Yoga For Runners — Low Lunge, Part 1

Learn how to open your hips and increase your stride length!

Training Secret: Add Balance To Your Workouts

You have to take it easy to go hard.

Good Running Form Starts With Balance, Alignment

A simple exercise will help you run as stably as you stand.

To Improve Form, Listen to Your Body — Literally

Relaxed, efficient form makes a rhythmically pleasing sound.

Video: The Benefits Of Cold And Heat For Recovery

Cold & heat therapy can be beneficial to recovery, but the proper application of each depends on the athlete.

Video: Yoga For Runners — Low Lunge, Part 3

This maneuver will help to open up your hips and increase mobility.

New Book Brings Yoga To Runners

America's leading yoga expert for athletes, Sage Rountree, offers a new book for runners.

Book Review: The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery

Sage Rountree has created a truly essential resource for endurance athletes.

Recovery: Quantitative Measurement

In the third installment of our new 13-part Recovery video series, Sage Rountree explains how quantifying your recovery by establishing

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