Sahara Desert

Man Looking To Win Wife-Carrying Championship

The winning couple could take home one hundred pounds of beer and a lot of cash.

“Marathon Man” Heading For His Toughest Race

He will run around the Sahara Desert in the summertime.

Photo Gallery: Six Days In The Sahara Desert–The Marathon des Sables

Check out these great images of the six-day, 151-mile trek across the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

The Real Story Of Jailed Ultra Runner Charlie Engle

He wasn't jailed for selling bad mortgages, but for illegally borrowing money.

Famous Ultra Runner Sentenced To Jail For Fraud

He once ran across the Sahara Desert for charity.

Fifty-One-Year-Old Amateur Completes 150-Mile Race

He did it to raise money for an addiction treatment center.

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