Sammy Wanjiru : Page 2

Hall Not Concerned About Racing A Fall Marathon

The small gap between the Chicago Marathon and the Olympic Trials doesn't worry him.

Majors Series Trophy To Be Named After Sammy Wanjiru

The news was announced at his funeral last month.

Legendary Runners Remember The Great Wanjiru

The World Marathon Majors trophy will be named after him.

Sammy Wanjiru Finally Laid To Rest

The service ended up being delayed for two hours.

Police Urged To Make Wanjiru Findings Public

They aren't happy with the autopsy results.

Wanjiru’s Mother Fails To Appear In Court For Assault

She allegedly tried to kill the driver of the late marathoner's wife.

Kenyan Pathologist Puzzled By Wanjiru’s Death

The world-class marathoners first autopsy since his death draws no conclusions.

Residents Protest Wanjiru’s Funeral Delay

They are incensed at the disrespect shown to their hero.

When Will Sammy Be Allowed To Rest In Peace?

Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series elite athlete coordinator Matthew Turnbull reports from Sammy Wanjiru's home in Nyharuru, Kenya.

Shady Businesses Help Delay Wanjiru’s Funeral

A car deal gone bad and a missing Range Rover have Wanjiru's friends scratching their heads.

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