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Saucony 26 Strong: Tapering Down

Muffy Robinson didn’t think marathon training would require any big changes in her routine. The 29-year-old first time marathoner from

Saucony 26 Strong: Flying Solo

Marla Brizel, 26, from Chicago, has had a great summer of training, mostly with her running group out of Fleet Feet Sports Chicago. But as

Saucony 26 Strong: Marathon Mom

Malou Fletcher from Fayetteville, N.Y. started running with the Coach to 5K training program last October. “I ran circles in my backyard

Saucony 26 Strong: From Spectator to Runner

Andris Dzeguze’s first experience with the marathon was a lot different than most: He discovered the New York City Marathon on his first

Saucony 26 Strong: Training While Traveling

Theresa Ferguson, a first-time marathoner who is part of the Saucony 26 Strong team, spent much of this summer camping with her young

Saucony 26 Strong: Battling Fatigue

Penny Dora of Greenville, Mich., has discovered something that lots of first-time marathoners do as they up their training for the big

Saucony 26 Strong: Happy to Run

Cynthia Vissers of Fredericksburg, Va., is a 10-year cancer survivor who is currently living with thyroid cancer. And while the struggles

Saucony 26 Strong: Training with Heart

Adam Sholes of DeSoto, Mo., is dedicated to his marathon training—3:30 a.m. dedicated. The 30-year-old father of three has trouble

Saucony 26 Strong: Training without Meat

Cathy Shaw of Annapolis, Md., is a busy working mother of three. But while finding the time to train for her first marathon can be

Saucony 26 Strong: Tri to Marathon

Muffy Robinson, who played water polo in college at Michigan State and has competed in sprint-distance triathlons the last few years,

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