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Saucony 26 Strong: The Mental Race

Allie Cook has a bit of an advantage in training for her first marathon: The 27-year-old works at a specialty running store, the Runner’s

26 Strong: Getting Back Up

Marisa Boasa, the first-timer in Team 8, took a nasty spill over the weekend when she fell on a run. As she says, “Luckily, no broken

Saucony 26 Strong: Cross-Training for a Marathon

Betty Taylor and Christy Hunt are training for one of the later marathons this year—the California International Marathon in Sacramento

Saucony 26 Strong: Team Colorado Goes Long

Jeff Mullen, 25, the cadet from Team 7 in Colorado, is finding out the difficulty of long runs during the dog days of summer. “Every long

Saucony 26 Strong: Putting it in Perspective

26 Strong runners are halfway to their fall marathon goals The Saucony 26 Strong project, a collaboration between Competitor and

Saucony 26 Strong: Something Bugging You?

Christi Paine, our veteran in Atlanta who is training with first-timer Susan Baker, had one of the more interesting running injuries during

Saucony 26 Strong: Back from France

Laurent Vrignaud, a French native, returned to Southern California this week after a long trip to France. He’s a marathon veteran who’s

Saucony 26 Strong: Training With Mom

The toughest part for Melissa has simply been finding the time to train.

Marathon Training and Med School Applications

Christine Sinclair has a lot going on this summer. And that’s just the way she likes it. As part of Saucony 26 Strong, Christine is a

Saucony 26 Strong: Sweating In Chicago

Two Saucony 26 Strong teams were in Chicago this weekend to run the XSport Fitness Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon.

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