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Ask Scott: How Can I Replenish Electrolytes Appropriately?

Scott Jurek responds to a reader question about electrolyte replacement while running.

Ask Scott: What’s More Effective, Foam Rolling Or Stretching?

Ultrarunning champion Scott Jurek answers reader questions!

Ask Scott: Can I Use A Running Shoe For Cross-Training?

Ultrarunning champion Scott Jurek answers reader questions!

Out There: Running Loves Company

An often hidden benefit of group training is the chance to give back to the sport and our fellow runners by sharing our experiences and

Ask Scott: What Are Good Sources of Protein For Vegetarians?

Scott Jurek discusses the best protein sources for vegetarians.

Ask Scott: What’s The Best Way To Train For An Ultra?

Q. Hi Scott, I’m training for an ultra. Is mileage more important than time? What is the best way to train? Shelby K. A. Shelby, For

Ask Scott: Ultramarathon Champion Scott Jurek Answers Your Questions!

Have a question about training, racing, nutrition or injury-prevention for ultrarunning champion Scott Jurek?

Jornet The Man To Beat At Mont Blanc

The young Spaniard is taking the ultrarunning world by storm.

The Long Run: Train Or Bust

Ultrarunning star Scott Jurek shares his tips for logging miles when traveling.

This Week’s Running Photo Fix

Get your weekly fix in this fun photo gallery!

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