Self Massage

Video: Self-Massaging the Psoas and TFL

A good way to keep the muscles around your hips healthy and happy.

How to Loosen Your Feet With a Golf Ball

As a runner, your feet will take a pounding, regardless of what shoes you wear or how much experience you have. “A lot of runners

Video: Self-Massaging Your Lower Back

Working on your lower back should be done with caution.

How To: Tennis Ball Upper Back Massage

Keep your massages cheap by doing them yourself.

Video: How to Self-Massage Your Hamstrings

A good way to reach hard-to-reach spots in the muscle.

How to Self-Massage Your Calf Muscles

A good way to work out any tightness in your calf muscles.

Video: How to Self-Massage Your Feet

Loosen up tight spots in the soft tissue on the bottom of your feet with this easy do-it-yourself remedy you can do several times a week.

Self-Massage Tips for Runners

Follow those techniques to help loosen tight muscles—which will help your running.

Video: Stay Injury-Free With Self Massage

Self-massage is an easy and effective way for endurance athletes to treat tightness and stay injury free.

3 Things Every Runner Should Do

Got five minutes a day? Try these methods to gain strength and improve your running form.

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