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2012 Spring-Summer Running Shoe Review

Use Competitor's spring and summer running shoe review to find your warm-weather kicks!

Go Run Like Meb With These Two Offerings From Skechers

In this edition of Shoe Talk, get a closer look at the Skechers Go Ride and Go Run.

Shoe Talk: Newton Running MV2

Competitor's Mario Fraioli talks with Newton Running's Danny Abshire about the MV2, an ultra lightweight racing flat that debuted last

Fit, Feel & Ride: 2010 Fall Running Shoe Review

Use our Fit, Feel & Ride approach and find the perfect pair of running shoes.

Fit, Feel And Ride: 2010 Summer Running Shoe Guide

Need some speed this summer? To run your best you should choose shoes that will perform and that fit and feel right. Finding the right shoe

Zoot UltraSpeed — ($95)

2010 Summer Shoe Guide Homepage The UltraSpeed is all about shaving: shaving time in transition with a no-lace, slip-on upper, shaving

Under Armour Apparition II — ($95)

2010 Summer Shoe Guide Homepage As Under Armour’s protective neutral road shoe, this trainer struck our testers as having a notably

Somnio Pacemaker – ($135)

2010 Summer Shoe Guide Homepage More than meets the eye, the Pacemaker is a customized lightweight training shoe that can double as a racer

Scott T2C — ($110)

2010 Summer Shoe Guide Homepage Scott has brought some ingenuity to the market with the T2C thanks to a novel heel entry that makes for

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