Smart Marathon Training

Smart Marathon Training: Get The Most For Least

Any runner who attempts a long distance race without properly preparing courts disaster.

Smart Marathon Training–Durability: Art Or Science?

There are two kinds of long-distance runners: the kind who admit to having been injured and the kind who don’t.

Smart Marathon Training: Which Kinds Of Cross-Training Are Best For Runners?

There are many cross-training options available, but not all of them are of equal value to runners.

Smart Marathon Training: Make The Workout Count

Whether it's burning fat, improving speed, or strengthening certain muscle groups, each workout has a specific purpose.

5 Ways To Run Smarter

Running smarter means runner better; here are some tips to make you faster on race day.

Smart Marathon Training: Knowing When To Say When

Learn how to listen to the signs that your body is giving you.

Why And How Runners Should Cross-Train

You can build a big cardio base more quickly and effectively than by just running alone.

The Basics Of Smart Marathon Training

You can improve your running economy without battering your body.

Smart Marathon Training: Training Smart, Running Healthy

There is a feeling among runners that if a little bit is good, a lot more must be a lot better.

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