speed and distance devices

The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Training Aids

Learn how to decrease your dependency on satellite technology.

Ask Mario: Can You Recommend A Speed-Distance Device?

Our resident coach answers your questions!

Developing A Better Sense Of Pace

Practice makes perfect when relating your effort level to how fast you're moving.

Pilk’s Points: Real Runners Go Commando (and Other Myths)

Associate editor Caitlyn Pilkington clears the air and validate those millions of unique runner identities.

Enter To Win A Garmin Forerunner 610

Tired of not knowing how many miles you've run or what your average pace was for your most recent workout?

Information Overload: Are Runners Too Tech-Dependent?

For better or worse, nearly every piece of data imaginable can be tracked, recorded and analyzed.

Revolutionize Your Run With MOTOACTV

Check out the latest do-it-all product for gadget-hungry runners from Motorola!

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