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Developing A Better Sense Of Pace

Practice makes perfect when relating your effort level to how fast you're moving.

Should You Ditch Your GPS Watch?

Learn how to decrease your dependency on satellite technology.

Pilk’s Points: Real Runners Go Commando (and Other Myths)

Associate editor Caitlyn Pilkington clears the air and validate those millions of unique runner identities.

Enter To Win A Garmin Forerunner 610

Tired of not knowing how many miles you've run or what your average pace was for your most recent workout?

Information Overload: Are Runners Too Tech-Dependent?

For better or worse, nearly every piece of data imaginable can be tracked, recorded and analyzed.

Revolutionize Your Run With MOTOACTV

Check out the latest do-it-all product for gadget-hungry runners from Motorola!

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