Speed Work

The 30-20-10 Workout

Regular fartlek-style workouts can up your performance while decreasing training time.

Video: Build Speed With Strides

One of the simplest forms of speedwork is strides. This video breaks down the proper way to do them.

Video: The Benefits of Bounding

Bounding is a great way to build speed and power that will boost your running.

Coach Culpepper: Speed Maintenance During Marathon Training

Don’t lose basic speed when training for longer races, writes Alan Culpepper.

Striders 101: Becoming A Faster Runner

These short bursts during a training run teach your body how to run faster.

8 Ways To Become A Better Runner

Try these eight tips courtesy of Lauren Jimison and work your way toward better running.

3 Key Workouts Runners Should Do Every Week

You may be able to race faster on three or four runs per week than you do on six or seven.

Double Time: Working Out Twice A Day

Running on tired legs isn't fun, but it will teach your body how to finish a race strong.

The Beginner’s Guide To The Half Marathon

Check out coach Matt Forsman's foolproof approach for completing 13.1 miles.

Racers vs. Pacers: What Type Of Runner Are You?

Tim Bradley breaks down the differences between these two types of runners and provides workouts for each one.

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