Sports Drinks : Page 3

Is Fat Burning Such A Big Deal?

Research suggests more fat burning does not necessarily equal better performance.

Are Sports Drinks Making You Fat?

These 3 simple rules will make sports drinks a friend, not a foe, to your body weight goals.

Hydration: Designer ‘Water’ And Hidden Calories

Read the labels to know just what you are buying.

Thirsty? Avoid These 6 Hydration Mistakes On Race Day

Don't let fluid follies slow you down.

Energy Drinks vs. Sports Drinks

No, Red Bull and Gatorade are not interchangeable.

Improve Tomorrow’s Workout Today

Why enhance recovery when you can reduce the need to recover?

The New Rules of Marathon Nutrition

Use these six cutting-edge tips to avoid the dreaded wall the next time you tackle 26.2.

Artificial Sweeteners: Better Than Sugar?

The jury's still out.

Water: Bottled Or Tap?

Tap water in the United States is a very safe option, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your water safer.

5 Sports Drink Mixes Rich In Carbs And Electrolytes

Try these sports drinks to power your workouts. Which one works best for you?

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