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Fuel Buzz: Invigorade

The new "endurance drink" offers a proprietary blend of ingredients designed for maximum performance.

Fuel Buzz: Fig and Dark Chocolate Bites

We put this mid-run fuel/post-run dessert to the test.

Glukos Looks to Make Waves in the Sports Nutrition Industry

This gel claims to work twice as well, twice as fast .

New Runner: 7 Fueling Basics

Learning how to fuel before, during and after runs will lead to big gains.

Is Your Diet Holding You Back?

Never assume that your diet is already good enough.

Fueling Optimally: When Is As Important As What

Humans are "energy-first" systems.

Running In The Feed Zone: An Introduction

The Feed Zone is a nutritional reference for athletes looking for no-nonsense, race-proven ideas.

Bar Hopping: Promax Nutrition’s Pure Bar Releases New Flavors

Ten flavors now grace store shelves.

Video: Fuel Your Fast, Part III

In this video senior producer Mario Fraioli explains how he recovers from a challenging marathon-paced workout.

Video: Fuel Your Fast, Part II

In the second of this three-part video series, join senior producer Mario Fraioli as he runs 8 miles at his goal marathon

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