Monday Minute: Stability Ball Roll Out

The stability ball roll out will teach your core to resist over-extension and support your entire body.

Better Balance Equals Better Running

Staying upright is crucial to good running form. Here's why and how to improve it.

Sports Science Update: Don’t Use Arch Height To Select Running Shoes

Think you need a motion control running shoe because you have flat feet? Think again. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald As you probably know,

Do I Really Need a Trail Shoe?

Author Bryon Powell shows how it’s done. Road running shoes work just fine on smooth trails. But when the going gets rougher, your

Shoe Talk – The Three Types Of Shoes

In this edition of Shoe Talk we discuss the differences between neutral, stability and motion control shoes, and how knowing the

More Core Training

Last month we shared several core-training exercises to help you strengthen that ever-important part of your body where spine and legs

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