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Coach Culpepper: Supplementing Running with Strength Training

Coach Culpepper says there are two key things to think about when making strength training a part of your overall routine.

Strength Training is Good for You, Runners—Here’s Proof

You've heard the reasons—now hear the science.

When Imbalance is a Good Thing: Build Strength With Balance Boards

Use these inherently unstable tools to engage more muscle groups from your feet to your core.

How Runners Can Train the Posterior Chain

The posterior chain is our power house and is comprised of some of the biggest and strongest muscles in the body.

Why the Kettlebell is a Great Tool for Runners

Here's what makes the kettlebell stand out from other strength-training equipment.

6 Useful Variations to Traditional Strength-Training Exercises

A few twists to common exercises can make a huge difference.

Why You Should Stop Doing Crunches

It might come as a shock that a good core strengthening program should not include crunches.

Why Runners Should Do Eccentric Training

Capitalize on the eccentric action of muscles and become a stronger runner.

5 Reasons to Incorporate Unilateral Strength Training

Here's why you should incorporate single-leg exercises in your strength training.

5 Steps to Engage Your Glutes During Strength Training

Apply these tips to get the most out of common exercises like the squat and deadlift.

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