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Strength Training for Runners: The Walking Lunge

The proper way to do the classic strength exercise.

Ask Mario: When Should I Strength Train?

Mario Fraioli explains how to fit strength training sessions into your weekly schedule.

Strength Training for Runners: Renegade Rows

A quick way to build core stability.

5 Lesser-Known Reasons Why Squats Are So Good for You

This piece first appeared on Women’s Running.  A popular part of cross-training, squats have a reputation for making your booty

Hip Adductors: The Root of Your Injuries?

Some exercises you can do to keep your hip adductors strong.

Strength Training for Runners: Pistol Squats

This isolated leg exercise can help build strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

3 Exercises to Build a Better Butt

Squats and lunges are great for building your glutes, but they can miss your gluteus medius.

How Runners Can Improve Foot Strength

A functional approach to improving arch muscle strength for runners.

Strengthen Your Core With Abdominal Rollouts

The core muscles help keep your body upright and stable when running.

3 Bodyweight Workout Routines For Runners

Next time you're in an unfamiliar location with little time to spare, give one of these workouts a shot.

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