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Video: Stretching Your Lower Calf

Here's how to target and loosen the soleus muscle in your calf.

Competitor on Demand: IT Band Rolling

Loosen up your IT Band so it doesn't bother you when you're running.

Competitor on Demand: Laying Hamstring Stretch

A basic stretch, but one you must make sure you're doing correctly.

Competitor on Demand: High Calf Stretch

Different stretches work different areas of the calf.

Competitor on Demand: The IT Band Wall Stretch

This is a great and simple post-run stretch that will address any tightness you may feel in your IT Band.

Competitor on Demand: One-Leg Quad Stretch

A couple of variations will make the classic quad stretch even more effective.

Competitor on Demand: The Frog Stretch

Stretch out your groin muscles after a good speed session with yoga-inspired stretch.

Monday Minute: Wall Psoas Hold

Increase stride length and reduce injury risk with this excellent exercise!

Monday Minute: Wall Hip Flexor Mobilization

This great stretch will help open up the hips and increase mobility.

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