Should You Take a Multivitamin?

Nobody “needs” a multivitamin, but they can be helpful.

Become A Plant-Powered Athlete

Check out these tips to learn how following a plant-based diet can also complement your training.

7 Supplements That Aren’t A Total Waste of Money

If you're going to take a nutritional supplement, these ones are worth your money!

Ginseng: The Root Of Improving Athletic Performance?

Learn how this supplement can benefit you as an endurance athlete.

Can Fish Oil Reduce Inflammation?

The simple answer is yes. But there are some caveats that every consumer should keep in mind.

Now Foods Issues Recall of Calcium, Magnesium Supplements

The company has received reports of nausea and elevated blood vitamin D levels tied to the use of the products.

New Flavor Blocker Makes Food Seem Sweeter

Written by: Cielestia Calbay There may be an easier way to eat your bitter greens. A new compound reported in March at the American

Herbalife Launches New Product Line for the 24-Hour Athlete

It's an effort to address the needs of both endurance and recreational athletes.

Ask The Experts: What’s The Best Way To Remove Cortisol From Our Systems?

Manipulating your training to avoid performance stagnation and keep it fun is the best way not just to moderate cortisol, but to avoid

Stuff I Ate that Showed Up on My Desk

New stuff appears on my desk magically when I’m not looking. Sometimes it's good. Like this stuff.

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