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Dorothy Beal: The Hardest Race of my Life

Dorothy Beal writes about the 2009 Boston Marathon, which wasn't an experience she was hoping it would be.

Dorothy Beal: Destination Marathon Packing Tips

Pack your race-day bag early in the week of your race, writes Dorothy Beal.

Dorothy Beal: Everyone Has a Favorite, Right?

Dorothy Beal writes about her favorite runs—all of them.

Dorothy Beal: Don’t Make The Mistakes I’ve Made

Over the course of 27 marathons, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to everyday life,

Dorothy Beal: Don’t Ignore Cross-Training

With the help of cross-training, Dorothy Beal has stayed injury-free throughout her running career that includes 27 marathons.

Dorothy Beal: Working Out With Music

The older I get—and the more I run—the more my views, much like my taste in music, have changed.

Dorothy Beal: Proper Nutrition Is Everything

Proper nutrition is a must when it comes to all runners, writes Dorothy Beal.

Dorothy Beal: A Quick Intro

I was forever changed the day I crossed that finish line.

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