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Amanda Brooks: Race or DNS?

Amanda Brooks shares a story of running through the pain, which cost her three months of her running life.

Amanda Brooks: A Love Letter to Long Runs

Amanda Brooks makes her case for why the long run is her favorite workout.

Amanda Brooks: The Unsung Heroes of Race Day

We should all take the time to thank at least one volunteer at our next race, writes Amanda Brooks.

Amanda Brooks: Power Songs To Revive Your Spirit And Legs

Amanda Brooks reached out to fellow runners to come up with a playlist of tunes for your next long run.

Amanda Brooks: Lessons In Injury Prevention

Amanda Brooks learned the painful way that listening to your body as an athlete is crucial.

Amanda Brooks: Cross-Training For Marathons

It took a few years, but Amanda Brooks is now a proponent of cross-training for runners.

Amanda Brooks: Cue The Music

Do serious runners listen to music? I’ve often listened in as fellow runner’s debate the use of music in training and on race day,

Amanda Brooks: Eat Healthy With Freggies

It took her a few years, but Amanda Brooks has discovered the secret to healthy eating.

Amanda Brooks: An Introduction

Amanda Brooks went from hating running to a multiple marathon finisher and coach.

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