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Siri Lindley: The Hardest Race of my Career

Siri Lindley writes about a triathlon she did that featured punishing hills and hot, humid temperatures.

Siri Lindley: Thank You, Race Volunteers

Siri Lindley writes about the "amazing efforts" given by volunteers at races.

Siri Lindley: My Favorite Run Playlist

Siri Lindley likes this playlist because it is high-energy and has a quick tempo.

Siri Lindley: Visualize The Good, And Bad, Pre-Race

Siri Lindley make a mistake in 2000 that cost her a spot on the Olympic team.

Siri Lindley: Stay Healthy By Cross-Training

Siri Lindley instructs her athletes to use cross-training for recovery and injury prevention.

Siri Lindley: If Music Works For You, Then Use It

Siri Lindley tells her athletes that if they feel a benefit from listening to music while working out, they should continue to do so

Siri Lindley: Fueling Your Body For Optimal Performance

When training for a marathon, we ask a lot from our bodies. Yes, we love the training, we love the exhilaration that comes from finishing a

Siri Lindley: An Introduction

Siri Lindley was a three-sport athlete in college but did not discover distance running until after graduation.

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