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Michele Gonzalez: The Long Run, my Favorite Workout

Michele Gonzalez writes about her favorite run she does every week: Her weekend long run.

Michele Gonzalez: My Running Playlist

Michele Gonzalez does most of her running solo, so she sometimes turns to music for some extra motivation.

Michele Gonzalez: Making Mistakes — And Learning From Them

One of the best ways to become a better runner is to learn from your mistakes, writes Michele Gonzalez.

Michele Gonzalez: The ‘Little’ Things Matter

Michele Gonzalez says doing cross-training goes a long way at keeping her body strong and healthy.

Michele Gonzalez: Tuning Out The Tunes

Michele Gonzalez is learning to leave her iPod at home and enjoy the sounds of her own running.

Michele Gonzalez: Eating To Run

Michele Gonzalez used to eat whatever she wanted to, knowing that she was a runner. But she's changed her ways.

Michele Gonzalez: An Introduction

It’s hard for me to answer when I started running because running has always been a part of my life. Maybe not in the “training for a

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