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Sarah Bowen Shea: How to Add Some Fun to Your Run

Whether you’re covering 8 or 18 miles for your marathon training runs, you want to enjoy the journey. Here are 15 ways to add fun to your

Alison Pellicci: Volunteering at the NYC Marathon

Cadet Alison Pellicci writes about her experience volunteering at the New York City Marathon for

Sarah Bowen Shea: Go Long, Go Big

Sarah Bowen Shea writes about finding her sweet spot during a long training run.

Sarah Bowen Shea: Fun at the Finish Line

Sarah Bowen Shea writes about her love of emceeing at the finish line of races.

Sarah Bowen Shea: Running Solo With Music

Sarah Bowen Shea's musical tastes have changed, but she still listens to tunes on solo runs.

26 Strong: Too Much Of A Good Thing

Even veteran runners make mistakes, as Sarah Bowen Shea found out recently.

Sarah Bowen Shea: Building My Athletic ‘Shed’

Sarah Bowen Shea has learned that in order to gain speed as a runner, she needs to strengthen her body through cross-training.

Sarah Bowen Shea: Music Makes All The Difference

Nothing else puts a spring in my step like a new playlist or one of my psych-up songs.

Sarah Bowen Shea: Hydration Is More Than Plain Water

Sports drinks are an essential part of a hydration plan—plain water won't cut it, writes Sarah Bowen Shea.

Sarah Bowen Shea: An Introduction

Sarah Bowen Shea comes from a long line of readers, not runners.

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