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Katherine Hopper: Trust in Your Training, it’s GO time!

Katherine Hopper stays organized by packing early, organizing her race gear ahead of time and getting enough sleep.

Katherine Hopper: Race Volunteers Saved My Life

Medical volunteers at the Boston Marathon saved Katherine Hopper's life this year.

Katherine Hopper: Pushing The Pace With Music

Katherine Hopper likes to listen to podcasts during training runs, but she always turns on the tunes for a race.

Katherine Hopper: Takeaways From My First Marathon

Katherine Hopper's first marathon was a learning experience on several fronts.

Katherine Hopper: Cross-Train To Become A Better Runner

Katherine Hopper would rather be running, but she knows that cross-training helps keep her injury-free—and it improves her running

Katherine Hopper: Running To The Sound Of … Books On Tape

Katherine Hopper enjoys listening to music when she does speed workouts, but her typical solo runs call for another sound.

Katherine Hopper: Keeping Nutrition Simple

Katherine Hopper has learned to keep her cravings in check and mostly stick to healthy eating.

Katherine Hopper
: An Introduction

Katherine Hopper began running when she had some extra time on her hands. Now she's a multiple Boston Marathon finisher.

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