Team 6

Danica Newon: My Favorite Run

Danica Newon's favorite runs are the ones in which she feels relaxed and strong.

Danica Newon: Make A Difference, Volunteer At A Race

Danica Newon writes about her experience working at a race management company, and the important role volunteers play on race day.

Andi Nido: Playlists For Every Run

Andi Nido has found that music helps her stay focused and motivated during runs.

Danica Newon: Learning From Nutrition Mistakes

Danica Newon figured out through trial and error what foods and drinks worked for her on long runs and races.

Danica Newon: Spinning Through Cross-Training

Danica Newon likes some forms of cross-training, but not when she’s in a marathon training block.

Danica Newon: Music Keeps Me Focused

Danica Newon uses music to stay focused and motivated when she's running, lifting weights and even doing household chores.

Danica Newon: In Nutrition, Balance Is Everything

Danica Newon talks about keeping her diet balanced with a mix of foods—and lots of water.

Danica Newon: An Introduction

Danica Newon is drawing on her years of running and coaching experience to guide Andi Nido to her first marathon finish line.

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